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"This is a wonderful invention! So far no clogged drains! Just turn the valve every so often and you sink should never clog! Love the design and the tight fit with the other plumbing- no leaks either!" readmore>>
Why is it Green

PermaFLOW – Green and Sustainable Design

  • Eliminates Nasty Effects of Chemical Drain Cleaners on Water/Drain System
    • Reduces Contamination of Water System
    • Reduces Corrosion of Drain Pipes
    • Reduces Wastage of Water
    • Reduces Use of Chemicals Required to Treat Water System

  • Functions Efficiently and Effectively with Low Flow Rate Faucets
    • Supports Water Conservation

  • Contributes to Safe, Healthy Environment
    • Offers alternative to Hazardous Products
    • Blocks the Introduction of Indoor Contaminants

  • Conserves Natural Resources
    • Need to be Replaced Less Frequently
    • Very Low Maintenance Impact on Environment

  • Made from 100% Recyclable Components

PermaFLOW™ Drain – Contribution to Sustainability and Green Building

What is Sustainable or Green Building?

There are numerous definitions for both terms, but in short, it is “Common Sense” building. It is building structures that conserve energy, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality (air emissions), protect the environment, conserve natural resources, provide a healthy living environment, improve quality of life, is maintainable for longevity, and is economical. For existing structures green cleaning and green maintenance procedures play an important role.

PermaFLOW™ Drain (www.permaflow.com) addresses several of the primary objectives and related to the following LEED and NAHB Green Building categories.

WE Credit 1.1 – Water Efficient Landscaping – Recycle Waste Water
WE Credit 1.2: Water Efficient Landscaping: No Potable Water Use
WE Credit 3.1: Water Use Reduction 20% Reduction
WE Credit 3.2: Water Use Reduction: 30% Reduction
EQ Credit 5: Indoor Chemical & Pollutant Source Control
ID Credit 1–1.4: Innovation in Design

WE Credit 2: Additional indoor plumbing fixture and fitting efficiency
EQ Prerequisite 3 – Green Cleaning
EQ Credit 3.1: Green Cleaning: High performance cleaning program
EQ Credits 3.4 – 3.6: Green Cleaning: Purchase of sustainable cleaning products and materials
EQ Credit 3.7: Green Cleaning: Sustainable cleaning equipment
Innovation Credit 1: Innovation in operations

Indoor Chemical and Pollutant Source Control
Water Efficiency

WE Credit 2: Innovative Wastewater Technologies
WE Credit 3.1: Water Use Reduction

4.1.11 Innovative wastewater technology
4.2 Innovative Options

5.3 Moisture management (Vapor, rainwater, plumbing, HVAC)
6.1 Provide manual to owners/occupants on the use and care of the home

PermaFLOW™ Drain (www.permaflow.com) addresses several of these primary objectives and would support builders in justifying Green Points.

PermaFLOW™ reduces/eliminates blockages which restrict sink use. The opportunity for secondary damage including flooding and damage to other apartments/offices is also reduced Improves quality of life, Economical
The PermaFLOW™ is transparent so one can easily inspect their system Maintainable for longevity
PermaFLOW™’s self cleaning features reduce maintenance Economical Improves quality of life
The PermaFLOW™ wiper cleans without disassembly – exposure to sewer gases, biofilm or fungal growth, and inhaled gases from chemical cleaners is eliminated Indoor environmental quality Provides a healthy living environment
Complements other “Green” practices such as installing low flow faucets – should solids settle the wiper mechanically lifts the solids into the flow stream for dispersal. Assists water conservation Maintainable for longevity
Chemicals are not required reducing the opportunity for poisonings and other personal safety issues due to burns to eyes and skin Provides a healthy living environment, Economical
Chemicals are not required for cleaning, eliminating damage to piping, metal sinks, garbage disposals and eliminates contamination of gray water Economical, Maintainable for longevity
PermaFLOW™ eliminates the need for chemicals, the purchase of mechanical cleaning devices and reduces service calls Provides a healthy living environment Economical
Emergencies such as excessive debris in the drain, can be by-passed in the PermaFLOW™ providing continued operation Improves quality of life, Economical
PermaFLOW™ materials have a low environmental impact during manufacture Protects the environment
The material can be recycled Protects the environment, Conserves natural resources
PermaFLOW™’s long life cycle, reduces materials in landfills Protects the environment
The "Rescue" feature makes it possible to remove lost articles without disassembly which eliminates exposure to sewer gasses and messy cleanups Improves quality of life, Economical

References: LEED® for New Construction and Major Renovations, LEED® for Existing Buildings, LEED® for Commercial Interiors, LEED® for Schools, NAHB Model GREEN Home Building Guidelines.

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