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"This is a wonderful invention! So far no clogged drains! Just turn the valve every so often and you sink should never clog! Love the design and the tight fit with the other plumbing- no leaks either!" readmore>>
Installation and Operation


Please read these instructions and the Options first to get the most from your PlungeMAX.

To Clear a Clog:

  1. Clean the rim of toilet if soiled
  2. Unfold and expand PlungeMAX, with holes facing down, and place narrow end of PlungeMAX at the hinge of the toilet seat. Hold the toilet seat and PlungeMAX as shown to avoid pinching your fingers
  3. While holding PlungeMAX and the toilet seat push down the compress PlungeMAX and remove the clog. Repeat if necessary.
  4. Twist and fold PlungeMAX and place behind the toilet tank or any other convenient location.


Just as flushing a toilet when the water level in the toilet bowl is above normal due to a clog can cause the toilet to overflow, rapid compression of PlungeMAX may generate enough pressure to cause toilets equipped with a flapper valve to flush. To reduce this risk allow the toilet tank to fill completely as the water in the toilet tank holds the flapper valve down. Slowly push PlungeMAX to expel the excess water in the toilet bowl. Repeat as necessary to lower the water level.


PlungeMAX works with most toilets and clogs by following the instructions above. But just as a regular plunger may not always work, if PlungeMAX easily compresses and does not build up enough pressure to remove the clog, one or more of the following options can be tried for it to work more effectively. Also, adding a very small quantity of regular liquid dishwashing soap to the toilet bowl can help to remove stubborn toilet clogs.

Option 1 (used when a toilet seat is positioned near the edge of the toilet rim):
1. Fold these instructions lengthwise and place on the toilet rim (a) to allow PlungeMAX to make a proper seal with the toilet rim.
2. Return to Instructions for Use.

Option 2 (used to partially seal the toilet tank to increase the pressure generated by PlungeMAX):
1. Remove tank lid. If the top rim of the tank has a notch(s), fold a piece of paper over the notch(s) then place a thick towel over the toilet tank and replace the lid.
2. Return to Instructions for Use.
3. Remove towel and paper
4. Replace tank lid.

Option 3 (use for tough clogs):
1. Remove tank lid. Stuff a rag in the overflow tube. Place PlungeMAX into position and hold down the toilet flapper valve and push down on PlungeMAX.


With both the overflow tube plugged and the flapper valve held down, much higher pressures can be generated to remove even some of the toughest clogs, including some clogs previously requiring the use of a plumbers snake or even the services of a plumber. Although this can be performed by one person, it may be easier to have one person hold down the flapper while the other person uses PlungeMAX. The water in a toilet’s tank is fresh water that does not come in contact with the water in the toilet bowl.
2. Repeat if necessary.
3. Release the flapper and remove rag.
4. Replace tank lid.

How to Use the PlungeMAX – Step by Step

Watch how to use PlungeMAX correctly

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